Lavender Batik Eye Covers

Lavender Batik Eye Covers


These Beautiful eye packs come in your choice of Lavender or unscented. The unscented inner pouch is filled with flaxseeds, and the Lavender has dried Lavender and Flax seeds. The easy cleaning removable exterior cover is made of a unique artisan fabric called Batik. Every pattern is different and Unique. It is great to use for a restful night sleep or to use in meditation.  

  • Care Instructions

    Outer Sleeve is washable, do not wash or get the inner bag wet it contains flax seed and dried herbs. Place a damp paper towel in Microwave with bag when heating. Store in packaging plastic bag to maintain the scent.

  • We Honor You

    If you have any issues or are disatisfied with your products please contact us and we will make it right for you with either a replacement or credit whichever you choose.