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Sacred Smudge Spray

Sacred Smudge Spray

SKU: 0007

The mix of sacred ceremonial plants in this blend will lift and release negative energies on you and around you. This may be used in your space, on your body, or car. You can use this blend the same way you would use a sacred smudge stick without the smoke. It has a fresh clean woody scent.

  • The Smokeless Smudge

    This is a true gift of our mother. The blend of these plants medicine is to cleanse and protect us from any negative or heavy vibrations. Use this in your home, office,car or on yourself to lift the vibes and spirit. Infused with Love and Healing Energy.

  • We Honor You

    If you have any issues or are disatisfied with your products please contact us and we will make it right for you with either a replacement or credit whichever you choose. 

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