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Meet Our Collective Practitioners


Jen McKinney 
Owner and Practitioner
Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Bioenergetics and sound Frequency practitioner

My goal is to be used as a catalyst to help others get into alignment with their heart and transcend into the best version of themselves aiding with tools to illuminate their whole field. I have been an energy worker my whole life and a body worker since 2004. I am a certified Reiki master and Licensed massage therapist, with continuing education in sound healing, aromatherapy as well as many modalities for the body, mind and spirit. I have overcome many obstacles, including trauma and addiction by using these tools along with therapy, Bioenergetics and Brain Training, art processing, coaching and the guidance, strength, love and compassion of Great Spirit, guides, archangels, ascended masters and my ancestors and teachers of the community. My tools are focused around these natural healing arts to help remove physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages in the being to help them overcome the things that are holding them back to put them into alignment with their true light, heart and mission of love and compassion on this planet.

I graduated from Heritage College, Kansas City Missouri in 2004 as a licensed Massage therapist and an associate degree in occupational science. I moved to Tempe Arizona in 2007 where my own healing was amplified. I began to do deep self-work while building a life and a clientele in massage therapy. In 2010 I got sober in which another amazing layer unfolded. During this time I worked for several chiropractors and a wellness center for 8 years before I ventured out on my own. I continued my education at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with many modalities such as Chi Gong, Sound healing, life coaching, aromatherapy and Reiki. I completed and graduated from Spirit of Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. I opened my business Transcendence Life Center in August of 2017 where I began to expand reaching more of the community with my vision of wellness. In 2018 I went through a Bioenergetics and brain training program that catapulted me into a space of major reprogramming and healing. This brought me to a place and into a person I had never known. In turn helping me to create Transcendence Life Center. Where I work as an energy worker, massage therapist, coach, NES BioEnergetics and Versus Brain training practitioner, Healy Bioenergetics, creator of natural body care needs, aromatherapy. I also facilitate groups for natural healing such as sound baths, meditation, yoga, and creative classes. Transcendence Life Center has been created as a sacred space for other light workers to work and be sustainable. I have said yes to life and I am in the flow of the divine to bring these gifts to those who are seeking wellness.

Deeply rooted in my spiritual connection I have experienced healing beyond my belief, over coming the trauma of sexual abuse, domestic violence, addiction and re patterning the body, mind and spirit from trauma responses and bringing me into a space to share this energy of healing to others. Through these experiences I learned a lot about using vibration and frequency for healing, compassion, empathy and self-love. The darkness I experienced in my life has given me a great understanding of the power of forgiveness and the healing affects it has on our entire being. It has shown the light on the darkest of times and allowed me to be in a space of faith, gratitude, great joy and love in  my heart to hold space for others to do so as well.

Andrea Twitchell 
Licensed Massage Therapist, Counselor, Art Therapy, Indigenous Medicine Ceremonies
Taahaabaah Services

Ms. Andrea Twitchell is the owner and sole-provider at Taahaabaah Therapeutic
Services, LLC in Tempe, Arizona. She offers an integrative approach to whole
health by supporting community members from an indigenous and clinical

perspective in how to live a balanced lifestyle - Hozo.

Ms. Twitchell has over 15 years of hands-on and continuing education experience
in the field of Therapeutic Massage and Somatic Polarity Therapy. She has
extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology. She is also deeply connected
and attuned to the subtle energetic fields of the body such as the chakra systems,
energetic lines, reflexive points, cranio-sacral rhythm, and nervous system.
Bodywork is Andrea’s 1st love and she brings a special intuitive quality to her

presence and touch.  

Taahaabaah also holds a Dual Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling and Art
Therapy from Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM. Andrea focused her graduate
work around Indigenous healing practices and philosophy; Early Intervention
Services; and the exploration and implementation of various therapeutic
modalities such as Eco-psychology, Psycho-Spirituality, Attachment Theory,

Expressive Arts Continuum, and Jungian ideology.

Since 2019 Ms. Twitchell has been mentoring and healing with various plant
medicines, stepping into the role as a Medicine Carrier. She operates on the
spectrum of food as medicine for everyday healing; to various herbs and plants
like as cannabis and hapé; to psychedelics such as psilocybin, ayahuasca, bufo
alvarius, and San Pedro (mescaline). Ms. Twitchell offers various modern day
ceremonial services to support individual and group members in developing
deeper levels of consciousness for a total sense of well-being.


Monique Wenhold
Intuitive, Oracle Reader, Reiki Practitioner

Monique is a mom, a wife, and a Psychic Medium. I have had experiences with Spirit and souls who were departed since I was a little girl, but it wasn’t until my early 20’s that I accepted my gifts and learned how to communicate with Spirit and more recently with Souls in Heaven. I use my gifts to deliver messages that help people find healing, empowerment, growth, and clarity in their life and soul’s path.

I have 10+ years of working with Spirit as a Psychic Medium and 2 years as a Reiki practitioner. I have been featured multiple times in podcast’s and local magazines for my work, and I would love to help you on your journey of healing, awakening and transcendence.

Ways to work with Monique at TLC: Tarot Readings, Mediumship Readings, Reiki and Classes

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