SERVICES for Realignment

Re-program Bioenergetics and Brain Training

Re-program is Bioenergetics and Brain Performance technology combined in a protocol for wellness to help us get back to a harmonious way of functioning in life. Re-program is a non-invasive, pharmaceutical free program consisting of bioenergetics and neuro-technology, frequency balancing, nutrition and coaching.
The neuro-technology components include a subtle neuro response process that creates coherency and synchronization of brain signaling. The Versus brain training technology does an assessment on how your brain functions under stress and then creates "games" that train the brain to move towards adaptive processes. Allowing the brain to create a healthy responsive state to utilize during stressful interactions moving away from the reaction it is used to being engaged in. Versus brain training alone has been shown to create stress resilience, better sleep quality, reductions in trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as increases in quality of life and executive functioning processes. We optimize this brain training program by using NES bioenergetics system which decodes the human body field to get to the root cause of imbalance and the way it is functioning. The NES system allows us to Assess, unblock and correct the imbalances. These 2 technologies work together to bring our beings back into a harmonious balanced state of being and awareness.
Start to Reprogram your life today. 

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Massage and Energy Work


Therapeutic - Balancing Body massage
This massage will leave you feeling like a new person. I use my keen intuition and many different modalities in a therapeutic approach to address issues in the body such as muscle tension, trigger points, pain, and stagnation. Hot towel placed on the back for a deep sense of relaxation and tension release. Energy work is infused through the body work to address any Energetic or Auric interference in the energy field. The finale of this is a Transcending Sound Bath immersion Quartz Crystal Chakra bowls, Gong, tuning forks, koshi and tingsha chimes to create a sense of peace and balance over your whole being, Blessed and Smudged you leave feeling the heavens on earth.
90 min $120
120 min $160

Pranic Healing -
Pranic healing is a simple, powerful and effective no-touch energy healing technique. It is based on the fundamental principle that the body is a self repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal itself. Pranic healing works on the principle that the healing process is accelerated by increasing the life force or vital energy of the affected part of the physical body.
Physical touch is not necessary because the techniques are applied on the bio electromagnetic field known as the aura or bioplasmic which contains the mold and blueprint of the physical body. By using a step by step methodology of cleansing, energizing and balancing on this energetic mold, the physical, emotional, and mental bodies ability to heal themselves are greatly accelerated.
60 min- $85

Chair Massage -
Need a quick pick me up? This is for you! Available in 15, 20- or 30-min intervals. While sitting in a professional massage chair area of discomfort will be addressed to help release tension, trigger points, and pain in the affected areas. Giving you the boost you need to make it through your day. (group services available)
In our Office $1.50 a min
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Sound Bath Treatments -
Private or small group Sound Bath Immersion and Chakra Balancing -
This is a 60-minute session that consists of a guided meditation to take you into a deep sense of relaxation and openness to release and receive. This is followed by being immersed in the vibrations of chakra tuned Quartz crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Gong, Drum, rattle, Koshi and Tingsha chimes, tuning forks, chanting and more. Some of the proven benefits of sound immersion are promoting a deep relaxation of the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety, balancing the hemispheres of the brain, restful sleep, boost in the immune system, and even alleviate pain in the body. This will aid in removing blockages in the energetic field and encouraging movement in stagnant areas of the field as well. This leaves you with a deep sense of relaxation and renewal.  

(No hands-on contact)  
Private Session $85

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Hypnotherapy -

Have a habit you want to change, a wellness goal you want to reach, or feeling stuck in life? You can make positive changes in your life with gentle, natural, and effective Hypnotherapy. This modality combines guided imagery, therapeutic hypnosis, and mindset coaching techniques to help you feel freer and more in control at the conscious and subconscious levels. Includes a recording of your session that you can download digitally. Clients can see optimal results in 1-3 sessions. Ask about a free consultation


Past Life Regression -

This is a therapeutic modality combining guided imagery, Hypnotherapy, and relaxation techniques for either healing or entertainment purposes. It has been known to heal chronic pain, relieve speech issues, phobias, and more! A PLR can simply be heightened  imagination, a therapeutic experience rich in metaphor from your subconscious, a connection to your higher-self, or a memory of a past life. YOU decide what it means for you! Set an intention for what you want to learn, solve, or experience through a Past Life Regression and book your session today! Includes a recording of your session that you can download digitally.


Reiki -

Usui reiki is a healing technique derived from the Japanese healing arts. Named after Buddist Dr. Mikao Usui in 1937. He was passionate to find ways to heal himself and others through Reiki.
Reiki incorporates the universes life force energy to re stabilize the energy points in your body called chakras. The chakra points in your body can develop blocks, thus, making you feel fatigue or even ill. Through the energy of Reiki, using light or no touch, it is used to tap into these points and gently lessen and remove these blocks.


Oracle Card Reading -

Using many decks of oracle cards. You will choose which deck is calling to you. We then go into sacred space and ask Great Spirit, our ancestors, guides, angels, ascended masters and compassionate and helpful beings of the universe for guidance. Bringing you a message from the higher consciousness. 


Spiritual Response Therapy -

Psych K -

Yoga Nidra -